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Mastère Spécialisé in Aviation Safety Aircraft Airworthiness

Critères de la formation

  • Initiale
  • Diplôme national
  • Certification / Navigabilité
  • Toulouse (31)

Détail de la formation

Aircraft airworthiness must be considered as a coherent process running from the design of the aircraft to the monitoring of its technical condition in airline service. The ENAC ’s Advanced Master in Aircraft Airworthiness covers both the technical aspects of certification and the legal and economic implications. This course has been designed to give future managers a broad understanding of the issues and priorities which, as far as aeronautical construction is concerned, have an international dimension. Air transport deregulation and the development of a global economy necessarily imply increased vigilance on behalf of both the regulatory authorities and the industry. Progress regarding safety has been constant. In the last 20 years, the accident rate per flight hour has been reduced by a factor of 10. But this is becoming insufficient due to the considerable increase in traffic. Current trends should encourage us to make even more improvements, and this must be achieved through training. The “Advanced Master” in Aircraft Airworthiness will provide future operators with the key to success in times to come. This Advanced Master offered by ENAC, Ecole de l’Air and ISAE takes advantage of the excellent relations of both Universities with leading companies in the aeronautical engineering sector both in Europe and world-wide.

Programme de la formation

French Air Force Academy, ISAE-Supaéro

Master ou Licence + 3 ans d'expérience professionnelle

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