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Master in Aerospace Systems - Navigation and Telecommunications

Critères de la formation

  • Initiale
  • Diplôme national
  • Navigation / Positionnement, Traitement du signal / de l'image, Informatique / Télécom / Réseau
  • Toulouse (31)

Détail de la formation

Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSSs) have gained much worldwide attention due to a significant increase in applications using GPS for positioning and navigation (aeronautics, vehicular and pedestrian navigation, location-based services, etc).This international enthusiasm is confirmed by the worldwide development of other global and regional satellite-based navigation systems in Europe, USA, China, Russia, India and Japan, creating a strong need for experts in this field.The objective of this MSc in GNSS is to provide students with advanced skills and knowledge in the field of GNSS and its related applications, in order to prepare them to enter the highly dynamic GNSS and GNSS-dependent industry. In addition, the students receive training in telecommunications, as both fields are highly complementary.

Programme de la formation


BSc/ Lincence

2 ans